Thursday, June 20, 2024

Summer Solstice Story... 2024

Emerging again from the burning roots of Solstice


Feeling accumulated warmth...

  Tasting fecundity in deep rich seasonal air...

Testing possibilities... 

A new surge of life...

Contemplating a maturation in creativity!

Photo Essay by Mark Milroy & Gordon R Barnett

A friend & neighbor on Vashon Island, Mark Milroy, is a fine photographer. In 2021 he proposed making a shoot of me in the old Big-Leaf Maple which had quite a history hanging-out over our Soundcliff's parking-pad -- offering both dangers and protections inside her delicate cavernous core. He envisioned posing me nude in this tree. 
I accepted what was a bit of a challenge. I am not particularly shy... loving hot tubs & bath houses; having a lifetime's history of nude beaches, Faerie Gatherings & skinny tripping with friends in the waters of Oak Creek. I've known innumerable life-drawing sessions with nude models of all genders & I've even modeled in several groups where we exchanged roles as artist & model.

Even-so, this is another sort of "coming out" for me... publishing myself here!

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