Monday, February 11, 2019


I invite you to join me in celebrating a change-of-address for this blog, which will now become an integral part of the GRB BELLS newly redesigned website... becoming an entirely new way for me to share & market the catalog of bells in addition to the deeper history of my work along with other parts of my story... including this blog of my writing & photography. The simplest path is to use this link: .

You will soon be able to peruse the ever growing material I have begun to sort & prepare from my collections of thousands of old slides & photographs of paintings, jewelery, sculpture & graphic work from my past & which will be shared as archives under the tab labelled "STORY". You may begin now to read about some of the processes which are used to make the bells.

It is exciting to be able to begin building-out this new format, which will allow me to create the "book" many suggest, but which I will probably otherwise never actually write!

While you may continue to use this address to peruse my 14 years of historic blog posts, they will also be posted on the new site.